Up and Out, 2010, silkscreen on wood

I was raised without religious affiliation by, what I like to call, Jewish Atheists. However, religious texts, and particularly imagery from Early Christian Art, have always fascinated me. I am particularly attracted to the medieval artists’ disregard of gravity, scale and perspective. This indifference to the realities of timeand space in their paintings was in the service of passionate faith and storytelling, an approach that informs of my work. My staircases and ladders, in the choice of materials and in the way they are put together, reflect an optimistic disregard for gravity and utility. They are a representation of the effort to rise above negative entanglements, an image that represents transition from the Worldly, to a way of being with fewer negative emotional or material attachments. This essentially Buddhist view is an expression of the idea that suffering is a result of attachments, not only to things (that inevitably break or wear out) or ideology, but also to relationships. The aspiration is to love without grasping and smothering.

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Up and Out, Artpace, Hudson (Show) Room, San Antonio, TX

Eda Silva, “Boston artist re-creates large-scale work with a Texas Twist at Artpace”, San Antonio Press News, May 17, 2016″

Up and Out, Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston, MA

Up and Out, Trustman Gallery, Simmons College, Boston, MA

Steps, Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston, MA

“Liz Shepherd and Kim Bernard Exhibition” Boston Globe, February 22, 2012

Par Avion, Salle Conrath, Hotel de Ville, Strasbourg, France

Consenses, an international traveling exhibition curated by Sally Taylor

Rethink Ink: Mixit Print Studio at 25, Boston Public Library, Boston, MA

Twelve Nights, Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston, MA

Boston Printmakers North American Print Biennial, 808 Gallery, Boston University, Boston, MA