“…The Wait resists Shepherd’s vigil at the bedside of her dying father.  In the mystical central installation, several paper-mâché chairs hover in a circle well above the floor. 

A screen-printed black-and-white landscape mural hangs behind them.  Borrowed from Denis Diderot’s 18th century encyclopedia, the expansive, yet colorless landscape touches off yearning.  Its inky black squiggles reappear on the white chairs, linking the two in a netherworld.
The chairs are too lightweight to sit in. Some don’t even have seats.  Still their forms speak to the abiding; their number speaks to communication; their emptiness speaks to loss.  Their placement in midair suggests existence beyond flesh, yet they inevitably refer to the body….This piece condenses the before and after, honoring the vigil and vibrating with the loss.” – Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe

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The Wait, Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston, MA, 2018